Internet Banking Agreement & Disclosure

Please read this disclosure carefully before following the link at the bottom of the page. 

This Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure governs your use of Internet Banking. Throughout this web site the Agreement and Disclosure will be referred to as "Agreement." By using Internet Banking, you agree to all of the terms of this Agreement. Please read it carefully and keep a copy for your records.


You or Your - The person(s) subscribing to or using Internet Banking.

We, Us, or Our - Refers to BANK OF 1889 and any agent, independent contractor, designee, or assignee BANK OF 1889 may involve in the provision of Internet Banking.

Business Day - Any calendar day other than Saturday, Sunday, or any holidays recognized by The Federal Reserve. Bill payments are processed on all business days that both the Federal Reserve Bank and the U. S. Postal System are operating and open for business.

Business Day Cut-off - BANK OF 1889 primary banking offices are located in Berryville, Arkansas and we base our business day on the Central Daylight Time zone. For posting purposes, the bank will process all transactions completed by 6:00 PM on that business date. Transactions completed after 6:00 PM, including transfers, will be processed on the following business day.

Privacy Statement - BANK OF 1889 understands how important privacy is to our customers. We have taken steps to insure your privacy for your personal and financial dealings with the bank. Our customer privacy statement can be obtained by contacting us at 1 (800) 423-6601.

About Internet Banking

BANK OF 1889 Internet Banking consists of an online banking web site that provides a complete array of financial services to its customers. BANK OF 1889 allows customers to access their data with up to 12 months of full statements and complete transaction detail.

The Internet Banking system that is accessible by BANK OF 1889 customers over the Internet currently consists of:

  • Account Inquiries, balances, etc.
  • Historical Transactions
  • Transaction Downloads
  • Account transfers
  • View Detailed Transactions
  • DDA or Savings Statements
  • Payments to loan accounts held with BANK OF 1889
  • Viewing Check images
  • Mobile App

For customers who select Bill Payment, these additional functions are available:

  • One-time Payments
  • Fixed Recurring Payments
  • Send Payments to Other People via PopMoney

I have read the above disclosures, I agree to the terms and would like to proceed with online registration:

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