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With your debit card, you may withdraw $500.00 in cash during any 24-hour period, inquire about checking or savings account balances, and transfer funds between accounts.

You can bank 24-Hours a day, 7 days a week with no transaction charges at any one of the following BANK OF 1889 ATM locations:

  • Berryville: Main Office located on the Public Square.
    Branch Office on Hwy 62W next to McDonald's.
    William's Home Shopping Center located on Eureka Street
  • Eureka Springs: Branch Office at 23 Greenwood Hollow Rd.
  • Huntsville: Branch Office at 403 W. Main St.
  • Harrison: Branch Office at 200 E. Rush Ave.
  • Branch Office at 1311 Hwy 62-65 NE
  • Marshall: Branch Office at 201 Hwy 27 South.
  • Yellville: Branch Office at 317 Hwy 62 West.
  • Elkins: Branch Office at 1965 N Center St.

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