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Board of Directors

  • Alan Hunnicutt, Chairman
  • W. A. Hudspeth III
  • Wade Williams
  • Phil Thompson
  • Kristy Noble
  • Kevin Barrows
  • Doug Carr
  • Jim Richiert

Officers and Departments

W.A. Hudspeth III

President/Chief Lending Officer
Doug Carr

John Eoff

Trust Officer
Terri McCall, VP

Human Resources/Marketing
Tasha Flanagin, SVP

COO/Cashier/Wire Services
Crystal Goforth, SVP

Travis Courtright, SVP


  • Lance Vanlandingham, SVP
  • Alesha Hogue Collier, SVP
  • Matt Gillham, VP
  • Sawyer Deakins, VP
  • Maria Barahona, VP
  • Rita Martin, VP
  • Todd Marriott, VP
  • Linda Moore, SVP/Loan Operations
  • Jerry "Cub" Scott, SVP
  • Joe Don Sharp, SVP
  • Chris Smiley, VP
  • Thecia Smith, VP
  • Jack Hudgens, VP
  • Tammie Jefferson, VP

Main Office 1898

Main Office, circa 1898

BANK OF 1889 has served Carroll County, Arkansas since 1889. Our long history of success has been based on our personalized service and our commitment to the community we serve.Some things never change.

Berryville Main Office 1973

Berryville Main Office, 1973



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