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Lose the paper statements with eStatements!

With BANK OF 1889, you have the option to receive your bank statement online through Online Banking as opposed to mail as a paper document. Enrolling into eStatements is simple and FREE!

By enrolling into eStatements, you will no longer receive your paper statement by mail. Your eStatement will be available to securely view online, or you have the option to download your monthly statements as PDF files that you can view and print from the convenience of your home.

By signing up for eStatements:

  • You reduce risk of identity theft
  • Have faster, consistent statement delivery
  • You are able to view 18 months of statements online
  • You are able to save storage space by not having to keep a physical paper copy of your statement
  • You are able to view your statements anywhere you are able to log onto online banking using a personal computer

Enrolling into eStatements is simple!

You can enroll in eStatements by signing in to Online Banking.  When first signing in, you will be prompted to enroll your accounts.  Check the accounts you would like to enroll, enter your email address, then read the eStatements Disclosure to find the confirmation code to accept the disclosure.  If you decided to choose "Ask Me Later" or "Decline", you can find the eStatements option under "Options" in the top right corner of your screen.


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