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Mobile Capture

With mobile capture, you can deposit checks remotely right from your cell phone! Save yourself a trip to the bank and sign up for mobile capture today!


  • Eliminates trips to the bank, saves you time and money.
  • Secure and convenient access from your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Cutoff time is 3 p.m. Standard Time.


Mobile Capture 


Click here to sign up for Mobile Capture.  Once you are approved you will receive an email notifying you of your approval.  You will then see a new icon within your mobile app called "Deposits".


Who is eligible for Mobile Capture?

In order to use Mobile Capture, you must use our Online Banking, use the FNB Mobile App (available on iPhone, iPad, and Android), and be approved by signing up for Mobile Capture.

What types of accounts are eligible for Mobile Capture?

Checking, savings, and money market accounts are eligible for Mobile Capture with BANK OF 1889.

What types of checks can I deposit with Mobile Capture?

Any check drawn on institutions located in the United States that have a MICR line can be processed through Mobile Capture.

Are there fees associated with using Mobile Capture?

There is currently no charge for customers to use this service.

How do I make a deposit using Mobile Capture?

  1. Launch your BANK OF 1889 Mobile App, log in and select Deposits
  2. Select New Deposit
  3. Select the account you want to deposit into
  4. Enter the check amount and select continue
  5. Take a picture of the front of the check
  6. Take a picture of the back of the check
  7. Review Deposit information and select yes to confirm deposit

How do I endorse my check for Mobile Capture?

Have all payees sign the back of the check, and state “Deposit Only BANK OF 1889 Consumer Capture”.

Is there a cut-off time to make my deposit?

The cutoff time for same day acceptance is 3 p.m. Standard Time

What do I do with the check after using Mobile Capture?

Retain the check for 30 days after confirmation that we have received the deposit.  After the deposit has posted to your account and 30 days have passed, you may destroy the check.

What if I submitted a deposit for the wrong amount?

If you enter a wrong amount than what is detected on the check, you will automatically receive an error message notifying you that the amount entered does not match.  You will then need to verify the amount of the check and attempt to deposit via mobile capture again.

What if I submit the same deposit twice in error?

If the same deposit is submitted twice using Mobile Capture, you will receive an error message informing you that the check has already been deposited.

A check I submitted was returned, can I resubmit it?

You will not be able to resubmit a check that was returned.  You will have to either mail the check in or bring it to a branch for deposit.



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