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Who We Are Today


At BANK OF 1889 we are known as “the old bank with new ideas”.  Having been in business since 1889, we have seen a lot of changes in banking.  Through these changes we continue to strive to provide our customers with all of the necessary resources to make their experience the best it can be………for today and tomorrow.  We have invested heavily into our banking infrastructure and into the latest technology offerings, for both our internal processing and for our customer’s access to their account information. 

We were one of the first banks in our region to offer Internet banking, back when it was new.  We were also one of the first banks in the state to offer check imaging.  Continuing with technology in the forefront, we offer Mobile banking, Mobile BillPay, smart phone Apps, PopMoney, remote deposits, and a host of other technology solutions. 

With BANK OF 1889 you can experience both the security of banking with the area’s oldest bank, and the convenience of 24/7 banking through our implementation of the latest technology offerings.

Main Office 1898

Main Office, circa 1898

The BANK OF 1889 has served Carroll County, Arkansas since 1889. Our long history of success has been based on our personalized service and our commitment to the community we serve. Some things never change.


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